Thursday, August 19, 2010



Johnny Bernay. I have to agree with the other poster , DO seem pretty out there , but i'm intrigued by you. As a guitarist myself, i find your "Roving Troubador" thing quite interesting. I don't exactly know why , but i was also fascinated with that photo of you, appeared to be somewhere out in the desert, with your van and camper painted with signs, and the whole "Mobile Flea Market" thing going on. It was confusing at first , cause your posts had you located everywhere , but now i realize , You ARE everywhere, travel. I don't know how you do it , but for a self confessed "Retired Hobo" , you're OUT THERE LIVING LIFE ON THE ROAD PLAYING MUSIC! and that's what a lot of us desire! ..Course , my way would surely be by tour bus , hotels , and playing for crowds , but you're still out there doin it! Maybe on your own terms and parameters , but just the same. I envy you Johnny! I can't drive my car into town without a deep seated fear it may break down , ..and i'm like that EVERY trip. But there you are in your old rig towing so much stuff , and running amuck through the country , seemingly unfocused on THAT detail. Cheers man! Do you have any of your playing recorded or anything where i can get to? ...and no not youtube , cause though i have a home , i still have crappy dial-up and YouTube vids take forever.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

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